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Buy Alpha Pharma Parabolin, comes in 5 amps per pack, each amp contains 1.5ml of fluid at a strength of 75mg.

Trenbolone hexahydrobenzylcarbonate or simply ‘tren’ has become one of the most popular drugs over the last few years and it’s popularity is not just with bodybuilders. Athletes and powerlifters are often found using trenbolone due to huge strength gains you can quickly get from using this compound.

This compound unlike some others is not for beginners and should only be used once a certain level of knowledge and steroid experience has been achieved. Tren hex is the strongest trenbolone you can get and superior to trenbolone acetate which is the fast acting cousin, although trenbolone acetate is very strong in it’s own right.

Trenbolone is used as muscle builder and provides users with huge amounts of strength gain and muscle gain at the same time. Users often describe the ‘pumps’ as amazing and even unbearable by others, this is why it is not a drug for the newbies and should only be used with plenty of thought prior.

Side effects are include, oily skin, aggression, increased body hair, tren cough, insomnia, and night sweats. Users have reported ‘bucket’ loads of night sweats as a side effect leading to changing the sheets immediately.

Trenbolone can be used with other steroids and these seem to be the popular choice:





Boldenone (Equipoise)



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